View Full Version : retarded timing

01-09-2005, 05:41 PM
last week my car was running perfect at 14psi. I installed a set of prothane motor mount inserts and took out all of the emissions stuff at the same time. I followed the diagram at taboo. My car started running like crap so I put the emmisions stuff back in and now I still have the same problem. The car hesitates in high rpms at full boost. My car smells like its running really rich when im sitting at a stop light. When im cruising at anywhere around 45k rpms or higher and I let off the gas my rpms drop to about 150 or 200 rpm then raise back to idle speed. I have no fuel upgrades at all, no boost leaks, no intake leaks,no trouble codes. I do have an egr block off plate. I am currently saving up for dsmlink so I have no way to log the car. It feels like my timings being pulled real bad. Ive looked at all the knock sensor articles in vfaq but still cant find my problem. My lifters tick at start up but stop as the engine warms up. Any one had this problem before? any suggestions? Thanks