View Full Version : Tranny/transaxle prob.

07-17-2008, 11:36 PM
I spun out at PMP last weekend on the last session of HPDE3. I bent the driver side knuckle.

I had it towed home and then drove it to Bear Frame & Axle. They put in a used hub and new bearing at a cost of $626.

I left there and immediately noticed it pulling to right even when coasting in neutral. It was also making a decided popping noise from the right axle. It has a Kaaz, but the popping was more than usual than I get from the Kaaz.

I tool it right back to Bear. They told me when they looked at it, the passenger side wheel would not move, but when they rocked the wheel, it loosened up. They also said when they turned the wheel to the right the axle would move in and out about an inch. I listened to the trans while on the rack and something is rattling in side. I drove it home somewhat cautiously.

I do not know what is wrong. Is there anyone who would take a look and listen, to give me their "edgycated" guess.

I live in Aurora about Smoky Hill and Chambers. It is driveable...at least it got me home. I just don't know how far it would take me.

07-18-2008, 08:00 AM
I should be off work around 4:30-5:00 today. Give me a call. 303-250-6956.

07-18-2008, 09:22 AM
Could be the center diff?

07-18-2008, 05:58 PM
Allen, I forgot to say this is a FWD.

07-19-2008, 06:08 PM
I took a look at it today. I was running it on jack stands. I couldn't tell much since the drive train was not under load.

Bear frame was wrong about which axle was moving in and out. While my wife went thru the gears I watched underneath. The driver side axle is moving in and out, but only about 1/8". It moves out whenever she lets the clutch out.

Any thoughts?

07-19-2008, 06:12 PM
Maybe the circlip that holds the axle in broke. I'd pull the axle and check it out.

07-20-2008, 12:29 AM
That's what I was thinking also, Mark. I just wasn't sure if it was not suppose to move at all or if 1/8" was OK.

I'll check it this week. Thanks