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07-20-2010, 01:31 PM
When I am in neutral, the transmission makes like a dragging noise. If I depress the clutch it stops making the noise. Plus when I cruise at speeds of 15-30 mph in 2nd or 3rd and I am off the gas, the car shutters. When I accelerate it is fine. I tried Jacks Trans trick to see if the clutch is dragging, and it isnt. I do not have the ebrake on, put it in 1st gear with the clutch pressed and step on the gas. Supposedly if the car moves before 7K you have a dragging clutch, mine doesnt move at all.

Thanks Guys and Gals (If there are any)! Hope to meet some of yall, my car needs a lot of work :)

07-20-2010, 01:48 PM
Most likely transmission bearings have some grit on them or are damaged.

Having a gritty sounding trans in neutral usually means bearings.

As far as the shuddering. What RPM is the engine sitting at when the shuddering occurs?

Any odd noises while it's happening?


07-20-2010, 06:22 PM
It is when i am off the throttle, so 1.5k or less. When I step on it, it stops. Wierd thing I tore a rear boot on the CV, and removed them. I did not have that shutter feeling the whole time. I replaced seals added readline hvywgt and it is back now. So You may be right about the tranny(also grinds only in 2nd gear, which I know is common due to syncros). Guess in Feb Ill get a prem jacks trans. Was hoping it was only the clutch so I could try and replace it with a new flywheel.

07-21-2010, 08:45 AM
Might I recommend NOT using a Jack's transmission? If you are curious about the quality control, reliability, performance, and customer service, go to the search button and see for yourself. Although I have not placed an order for one yet, Sheptrans.com is the place you want to be shopping at. I have personally dealt with John on several occassions over the phone, and placed orders with him. His quality control is awesome, and the customer service is un-matched by any other "DSM" shop, in my opinion.

07-21-2010, 02:46 PM
Honestly I have heard the same on tuners, but quality and convience are my main things. Being here in CS. I will research more first though. It seems like Jacks has pretty good builds compared to John's (internal wise). Thanks for the heads up, had another member with the same kind of comment.

Edited: with further research I found this, but it is the opposite of your comment http://www.rmdsm.org/showthread.php?16599-Thanks-to-Jack-M-!&highlight=jack+transmission.