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Thread: intercoolers

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    alittle sticky i put up. im also adding the new garrett line up to the turbo list soon. just have to digest their catalog and compressor maps before i start throwig numbers around.

    let me know what you think, or if the information is even useful.

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    Ok, just a real quick point on the intercooler list... That supported HP column is a quick reference. When choosing one you really want to pick it for size, and for efficiency. To understand if it will work with your setup you really need to look at many factors...

    1.) Your turbo
    2.) Your fuel
    3.) Your Compression Ratio
    4.) Your intended boost pressure
    5.) Your timing

    Basically, you figure out what boost you'll be running, determine your intake charge temp baseline (figure out what your average driving temp outside would be at it's HIGHEST), how large your injectors are and what octane you'll be running at this level of extreme... Once you figure out all that neat info on how hot your compressed air will be going INTO the IC, then you can figure out how cold it should be coming back OUT. Now hopefully it's cold enough that your fuel support won't go into predet, and your timing doesn't bring it there either. That should give you the idea of if it will support your "HP Level".

    I can go even further into this if you guys really want. And I know Hal has run a setup to measure charge temps before and after his IC before, maybe you'll be graced enough to have him make some good suggestions.

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