Well, my pistons FINALLY came today after close to 5 months of waiting.

I'm getting the rotating assembly balanced, the final hone completed, rods narrowed, and the small end mildly honed.

I'm using Western Machine for all of these procedures.

Has anyone had any problems with Ross Pistons screwing up more than once? I'll post about that in another thread just to keep this thread short

For those who wanted a job card number for the stroker pistons from Ross, mine was 100567

This is a set of pistons with the .827 pin (1g), .030 oversize and with the 2g rod width on the small end (1g rods need to be narrowed .100).

A little on the bottom end setup for those who don't know/ haven't been following.

4G63 N/A Block bored .030 over
G64B crank (2.4L 6-bolt crank)
Eagle H-beam Rods
Ross stroker pistons
Installed 1g oil squirters
ARP Main and head studs
Removed balance shafts

I'm just seriously hoping that nothing else is wrong with the pistons to where it'll make them unusable.

I know there were a few people waiting to hear aboutthis job card number, so enjoy. As soon as I get everything back from the machine shop (Thursday or Friday), I'll take some pics of the bottom end parts and such.

Marcus Martinez