97-98 Eagle Talon Parts........

Rear spoiler 97-98 Dealer part #MR236471.
There are 6 mounting points on the spoiler. MS240141
Rear Spoiler lamp MR245023
The Eagle emblem for the front face bumper MR784377
(Comes in colors)
On the rear "Eagle" name plate MR777706
ON the rear "TSi" name plate MR777708
On the rear "AWD" Nameplate MR777709
The Front face bumper the part number is not necesary. There are only two bumpers and you have one of them.
Rear bumper is the same.
http://www.wholesalebumpers.com/eagle/talon.htm <- great source for talon bumpers.
The side slash moldings on Door (2 needed one for each side)MR758526 and MR758534
The remaining part on the quarter panel (2 needed one for each side) MR758542 and MR758550
Fog lamps MR296282 and MR296281 (these are different from the 95 fog lamps)
Brackets MR221616 and MR221615
All 2g talons use the same head lamps.

97-99 Mitsu Eclipse Parts ................

Front facia MR296443 ($267)
Fog lamps MR296279 and MR296280 ($224 ea)
Fog lamp brackets MR221611 and MR221612 ($9 ea)
Fog lamp covers MR296098 and MR296097 ($14 ea)
"RS" style fog lamp covers, MR296277 and MR296278 ($14 ea)
Headlights MR296283 and MR296284 ($330 ea)
Leftside side skirts, 3 pieces, MR248253, MR248255, MR248251 ($250)
Rightside side skirts, 3 pieces, MR248254, MR248256, MR248252 ($250)
Spoiler MR762049 ($440)
Rear facia MR296447 ($266)
Reverse lights, same number but there's 2 lights, MR296099 ($18 ea)

Prices are with discount through Phil Long Mitsu in Colo. Springs.