I guess Mitsu dealers don't normally stock them. And I prefer original Mitsu OE Bearings.
Does anyone have a new unopened set of 1G - '92 Rod Berings I can buy off them, today? (standard/standard, 0.25, mount-? for Eagle rods.) (I don't know if any 1g would work?) I need a set before Thurs morning. Otherwise I'll be using Napa's berings. Does anyone know if Napa's are OK?
The engine needs the standard again, so I MIGHT be OK with Napa's. But I used after-market ones before from a different place _and_ see where it got me? Perhaps that might have not been the cause of my problems. ..Of course I'd like to avoid that issue all together if it was.
Let me know. I'll drive to you. My cell to get in touch today or tomarrow is :
Erik W. 303.908.6269 .