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Thread: Track Day at PMI MAy 11th

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    Track Day at PMI MAy 11th

    We are having a track day at PMI for our customers and and friends in the community. Here are some answers, more to follow:

    Who can come? Basically anyone with interest, the track fee, and a SAFE car. You dont have to have track experience, but you do need to have a good attitude and play well with others out on the track.

    When: this is a little up in the air, but March 14th or 16th are looking good. Yes these are weekdays- plan your vaction time wisely.

    What car can play? ANY car can come play, provided it will pass a basic tech inspection. So far we have a few EVOs, a couple of Supras, some DSMs, and maybe a spec Miata or two.

    What will it cost me? 60 for the half day, 100 for the full day. Price may change a bit(go down) depending on how many people actually show up. We(the shop and organizers) are not making any money on this deal, and by closing for the day actually lose a days work, however, we all enjoy this and that makes it worthwhile. Its a toss up right now as to whether or not we will be providing lunch, plan on not for the time being.

    How do I get the invite? PM me or call the shop. Your name will not be put on the list however until we have a deposit in hand. If you want to go and are not sure you cant get the day off, wont have the cash, whatever- we will try and work with you as best we can. Any last-minute entries will be considered on a per-case basis, so do not count on dropping by day off and getting a slot.

    What format are we running? We are setting up to run both drag race and road race sessions. You do not have to do both, just take a break and hydrate. The drag racing will be street race style, no lights, just a flagger.
    Road race session will be HPDE style, no passing unless signaled, slower cars might be grouped together, there will be NO BS tolerated. This is not an event to show your mad skillz, it is an event to have some fun and play with your car. If your car breaks and/or you have problems we will do the best we can to assist you, but be aware we are not bringing a spare parts truck or pit cart. Bring whatever spares you feel are nec or you might need. We will have engine oil, coolant, etc on hand.

    We need to have a deposit by cash or check here at the shop by Wednesday the 10th. People who want to come but do not live in Denver please call us at the shop to make arrangements.

    Lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment or contact me via phone or email.

    720-214-5095 ask for Don

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    Mar 2004

    Lucas says ifwe have 10 or more confirmed we will be throwing the grill in the trailer and burning some burgers and brauts-

    So far we have:

    Lucas ~ Evo
    Austin ~ Bike
    Ron ~ Supra
    Brain ~ Supra
    CJ ~ Slobra lol
    Don ~ NoSeX or GoodSeX
    Jay ~ Evo
    Larry ~ SRT4

    People who have intrest but have not confirmed

    Hap ~ Audi
    Danny ~ Evo
    Austin's mommy ~ Porsche
    Clay ~ Evo ?
    Norm ~ Evo ?
    Lance ~ Evo ?
    Sweck ~ Talon?
    Sneakyhonda ~ ??? Honda I guess
    The Kid that hangs out at the shop ~ Primer Grey Honda

    People who want to go but have no injectors

    Steezy303 ~ Talon

    Check this post if your interested as I will update it.

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