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Thread: Available: DSM Repair, Towing, and Tuning Services

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    Available: DSM Repair, Towing, and Tuning Services

    *EDIT* I am currently scaling back my services as I simply do not have the time to give to larger projects.

    I am offering Repair, Modification, Towing and Tuning services to those who may be interested.

    For those who don't know me, I have been into the DSM scene for over 14 years with both results and experience to back it up.

    I can do minor to moderate repair at the moment. I currently do not have the time or space to take on larger projects.

    I can tune on your basic AFC, ECMLink or VPC with or without a wideband (Preferably with one). I do not have the experience to tune on AEM, Megasquirt, Motec, etc... There are better people suited for those jobs.

    I can do porting on manifolds, cylinder heads, turbo housings in steels, irons or aluminum.

    Small to moderate upgrades can be done as well as long as it isn't a long term build.

    I am also offering light to medium duty Towing and hauling Services. I have an 18' dovetail car trailer and full size truck for the utmost care in transporting your DSM, car or truck at or under 8k lbs. Please do not ask to borrow or rent my equipment. Liability reasons along keep me from doing this.

    The best way to contact me for a quote or availability is by the phone number below or a PM here through the board.

    I am located in Aurora near Alameda and I-225 in Aurora. I can take on out of state towing jobs for the right price (Diesel is expensive).

    Marcus Martinez
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