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Thread: Any DSMer's need work on their cars here in the Springs or surround areas?

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    Any DSMer's need work on their cars here in the Springs or surround areas?

    I am a local going to school for automotive.

    If you need any basic work done on your vehicle whether DSM or not (i.e. Shocks, brakes, tune-ups, tire rotations, oil changes, etc) or DSM specific work, etc Give me a ring!

    I have a labor guide program(To quote jobs correctly), and will do work for a lot less then most shops.

    Also, I have air tools, and some specialty tools, etc to make working on stuff easier.

    I guarantee my work, and will make sure things are done right. I have access to "Mitchell-OnDemand5" So everything is done correctly.(torque specs, capacities, etc)

    PM me for info. ( I am also down to just meet other DSMer's & will help ya out with free advice, I don't know EVERYTHING, but I have been messing with these cars for a lil' while, always down to learn more & better my skills).


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