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  1. MooreDSM Guest

    New to forum

    Just joined.....a little background.....I know hoffmangsx, remember when he first got into the dsm scene(rainy day at the dealership...don't ask what happend to his other car)...ever since that first ride in the 97 Purple gst I was hooked. SO about 2yrs later finally found a 98 gst that was a steal and picked it up about 6 months ago. Joined here to get some tunning experience because I'm lacking in that catagory. And Art says your a bunch of good guys that know what their doing. Just dropping a line.


    p.s. Know this is in the wrong area but it looked like everyone ended up here.

    p.s.s. Art if you spent half the time on your car that you spend on the net you would be in the 11's already. Get off the net you fag J/K

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    Jan 2002
    Baghdad, IZ

    so any way....before i move this to shit talkers. he got my old car totaled....thats how i got a dsm.

    so hes got an mx-3 (laugh and point everyone) and i got a real car......jealous....oh yeah. se we go on a 4 hour test drive, i get the car, and then he wants one. well i guess you finally did. congrats brother.

    so anyway, get your punk ass in the forums, read and ask questions.........bitch.

    '95 Mitsu GSX
    '06 Nissan Titan SE

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