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Thread: Import Expo today

  1. talonawdcars Guest

    Import Expo today

    Log on to importexpo.net for information. Come support the DSM's at the Colorado Convention Center. My car is the '95 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, White with Blue & Silver graphics kit. Next to a blue Yamaha YZF600R (mine to). Hope to see you there.


  2. 303Racing Guest

    what time does it start and go to?

    I will be there if I can get a ride. My car is down for the day for some painting and body work.

  3. 303Racing Guest

    Nevermind I read it.... 1pm to 9pm

    I will be there, look forward to meeting you and seeing your car.


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    Jan 2002
    Aurora, CO

    Man that was quite a show. Lots of nice cars.. I WANT THAT LOTUS!!!!! That car had two 10lbs nitrous bottles and it was all direct port. The tires were 335's .

    Nashir (can't spell his name) has his supra there John and our friend Heinrich had his 3kgt there. Someone said he won some awards but i guess they aren't posted yet.

    Quite a few hondas were there and some DSM's but not to many. Each one i looked at had atleast a 16g on it. But some of the mods lists will make you laugh .

    I'm thinking about going to the one in november because they are supposed to have a drag cars area like they did at the last one. But we'll see....


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