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Thread: HBS this weekend

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    Jan 2002
    Aurora, CO

    HBS this weekend

    So is anyone going to be at the BS this saturday night before the picnic?


  2. XakEp Guest

    I'll be there

  3. OneSlowEclipse Guest

    If you guys are going I'll be there.

  4. talonawdcars Guest

    What is the BS? Where is it? And what time? I am free Sat. night.

    '95 TSI AWD A/T GT-4

  5. XakEp Guest

    We usually meet at the Hamburger Stand on Union on saturday nights at 6 pm or so. Just head west on 6th Ave. until you get to Union, and turn left/South. It will be on the right after a few blocks.

    Its in between a Wendy's and a Pizza Hut.

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    May 2002
    Lakewood, CO.

    I'll be there too after 7pm. I have an idea.

    Lets goto Pitchers after a while and hang there for an hour or two. Say about 8:30-9:30 on.?
    92 Tsi, awd, 2.0L
    _Ross 8.7, Eagle rods, bal shafts elim, OE crank
    _1mm over valves, Crower single springs, HKS 264 in/out cams, stock gears
    _Wet Garrett T3/4 57trim, OE intake mani, 2.5" alum. pipeing, 3" Maft-T, HKS old BOV, FMIC tube/fin -bar/plate 2.75x8x22in core
    _3" turbo- tip, 2" recirc. off WG, 38mm Tial WG on drag cast mani.
    _Rewrd Walboro 255HF, AN-6 lines, HF filter, OE rail, BR/SX press. reg., OE return lines
    _11.6 Qtr/124mph @6000ft elev.
    _1st Place, Street, heads up '05

  7. talonawdcars Guest

    OK. Well count me in unless something unforeseen happens. Allthough I've been through this before trying to meet a group of people I have never seen before. So who or what do I look for? Or just look for me. You can't miss my Talon and wave me in. It's full white w/ blue & silver graphics on the hood and sides, sunroof, blue/white/silver alum. wing, white 18" wheels and lowered. It's a 95 with a 97 front bumper.

    Alan M.

  8. talonawdcars Guest

    I'm down with going to Pitchers!

  9. OneSlowEclipse Guest

    Just look for the group of DSMs I'm down for doing something after, never been to Pitchers but sounds fine to me.

  10. talonawdcars Guest

    Is there a Hooters near there? Better scenery.

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