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Thread: Wet oil in overflow bottle

  1. rmflyfish Guest

    Wet oil in overflow bottle

    Here's one I can't figure out..

    My overflow bottle is showing milky oil in it, not much, volume is what I would expect... I have the PCV valve and the valve cover vent both going to it. They are tied together with a 'T'.

    I've changed the oil recently, no problem there... running Mobil 1... Also checked the cooling system, fluid appears just fine...

    I've looked in the valve cover thru the cap, it all looks fine... I've inspected the vent hoses, and not seen anything except clean oil in them...

    I noticed it first about a month ago, in the clear fuel filter I had in the vent line. It had gotten very cloudy, like water in the oil... I pulled the filter off, and it has since dried out sitting on the bench, and now looks normal.

    I've cleaned the bottle out several times, but it keeps coming back cloudy...

    The bottle sit's right next to the air cleaner, right above the side mount... could it be a heat issue... or maybe some kind of air flow issue from the air cleaner.. I just don't know??

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  2. v413nc3 Guest

    Sounds odd... my track GSX-R pushed oil out the exhaust pipe that was frothy and white, kind of like dish soap that is 1/2 way mixed ya know? The #4 piston had a 2.5" hole in the dome so the oil in the case was getting air/fuel in it and at 4k rpm was mixing it to a frothy mixture and pushing it out the exhaust valve... not sure if that info helps or not, but maybe it will give you a better clue of what the oil might be getting in it...

  3. rmflyfish Guest

    thanks for the input... I would think your crank case oil would be frothed up too, right... Mine is clean... I'll do a compression test anyway just to rule it out


  4. v413nc3 Guest

    Maybe its condensation being mixed in under high crank pressure?

  5. UK-DSMer Guest

    If you have a catch can with an air filter on top then I would suspect water is getting in there! The intake really sucks at idle. Any mist etc will get pulled in to the can.

    But you may not have the intake connected. If you do the catch can should be sealed as you are sucking in unmetered air also.

    How do you have it hooked up? RRE style?

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