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Thread: Selecting the right suspension

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    Oct 2009
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    OK so I admit I know nothing about suspensions. Though your explanations are great it doesn't help me make the best proven choices I need since I am on a limited budget.
    I am looking for the best proven combination to make my FWD car handle as best as it can considering the limitations of being FWD. This would be for Gymkhana racing and canyon carving only.
    My car is a 1998 GST Spyder putting out 300hp at the wheels.
    Suspension wise it currently has the modifications listed below. Where do I go from here?

    Any help will be appreciated.
    1. Pro-Kit Lowering Springs (Eibach)
    2. Front Upper Strut Tower Stress Bar (Road Race Engineering)>>
    3. Front & Rear Camber Adjuster Kits (Buschur Racing)>>
    4. 17X7 lightweight GF1 Wheels (Einke)>>
    5. 215/45ZR-17 87W AVS ES100 Tires (Yokahama)

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    Ditch the Eibach springs they're junk. Hypercoils are the only way to go. As for good, one of the proven best suspensions is KW. I know a very specific FWD 2G that is running them with great success. Look up Andrew Brilliant's car. Make sure you get a proper spring rate for your setup. It's very easy to spring a car wrong. Other than that, there are some quite knowledgable guys in the area for setting up suspension. I would suggest looking at your car like an AutoX car if you plan on doing the Gymkhana stuff.
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