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Thread: looks like a fun weekend

  1. phastalon Guest

    looks like a fun weekend

    well after many debates i think ill pull the tranny again and get it rebuilt. we are starting to think i have more than just a clutch problem. so does anyone know where i can get it rebuilt for a decent price?

  2. phastalon Guest

    or if anyone has a known working tranny for sale please let me know

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    Colorado Springs

    I might know someone locally. Let me check and I'll get back to you.

  4. phastalon Guest

    cool thanks ill pm you later with my cell number

  5. v413nc3 Guest

    If I had known before I sent mine I would have sold you mine

  6. phastalon Guest

    ya im just now thinking its the tranny and youve been alot of help with the clutch so thanks. ive pretty much replaced the whole clutch system though so when i pull the trans whatever i havnt replced will get it so hopefully this will fix it i dunno

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