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Luke's Talon Update

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Hey thanks for reading. Still not enough time to start the "Who the heck is Luke?" part, but had a contact with questions on the car.

Remember this is a suprise for someone serving our country. Would be helpful if this is sponsored project, TV Reality show, Trade school, group project, etc.

This was my response to general questions:

Luke's Talon
The timeline is very open. He will not be back until sometime in 2014. So it could be someones weekend project.

The condition of the car is "Beat" It runs, but needs major tune up, some seals replaced (Leaking spots under it.

And after good diagnosise it may need other engine work. He thinks there is a hole in his exhaust

Body wise, some front end bumper work, scraps and nicks, rusty and missing trim, rusty moonroof trim. Interior upolstery not too bad, trim, gaskets, ceiling, dash in pretty bad shape. Needs much TLC.
One wheel missing, replaced by non Talon wheel. Other three wheels look OK, but need major cleaning and buffout.
Paint would need to be redone, I think. It is Black.

Great sound system needs to be installed, exisitng pretty beat.

This would be a suprise for him.

I am on disability so my hope is we can get some donations, promotional support. (I have great contacts with media)

But if no company or group will take it on, I can come up with a few hundred per month so over 2 years $5,000. max.

But that really depends on someone experienced in restorations checking this out.

Having trouble posting picture here. Soon as I figure what problem is, I will attach/embed pictures of "MAXINE (Name of car)

Thanks for help, interest.

Rick (Luke's Father)
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