I'm rebuilding a 6 bolt motor for my '93 AWD Talon, and I was hoping someone in the Denver area might have a torque plate I could use/rent to bore and hone my block.

Also, any advise on piston clearances and cylinder wall finish would be helpful. I bought some forged, coated pistons (Venolia), stock comp. ratio. I believe they are zero silicon pistons, like JEs, so I know they will expand, and may (will?) slap a little when cold, but I got them for $300 w/rings. They are moly rings, file to fit, Venolia gaurantees less than 2% leakdown, but I know they need to be broken in right. I'm trying quick seat dry assembly lube to help the ring break-in, anyone have experience with this stuff?

Also, I got some Eagle rods, and noticed the oiler holes on the big end are missing. Did anyone use Eagles and remember if the oil hole was there? This seems like a critical detail to me...

Thanks, I totally appreciate any help anyone can offer, hopefully my car will be back on the road real soon.