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Thread: Yup, I finally broke something in there...

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    Feb 2010

    Yup, I finally broke something in there...

    Car Runs, Rolls, Starts Fine and doens't make any engine or drivetrain noises at idle or up to cruising speed.

    Driveshaft is CF, Trans Bellhousing is Merkel Hoop braced, rearend is JDM B4H, trans is JDM 6speed converted. After a wicked launch last night at 7500rpms the clutch pedal started vibrating. I was making a 1st to 2nd gear shift at 8200rpms and no lift shifted into second. The car stalled as soon as I threw it in 2nd. Car runs fine and isn't making any crazy noises but the clutch pedal is pulsating when the vehicle is rolling and I lightly set my foot on it. Goes in to all gears and shifts just fine when car is rolling. If I come to a stop and try to slip the clutch it bucks like mad and chatters until I hit about 10mph, then it shifts just fine... What do you guys think? I was thinking broken clutch spring, cracked flywheel, fused clutch to flywheel?

    Edit: I have not taken the car over 35 since the issue surfaced.

    94 3/S TT

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    Is there any noise while the clutch is engaging or disengaging? Banging, popping, clacking? Your description is how I would describe when my flywheel bolts came loose once.

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