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Thread: 2g Rear lsd Issue and questions?

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    2g Rear lsd Issue and questions?

    So a couple of weeks ago I broke a rear driver side axle at the track and being that I have a welded center diff I removed the broken axle leaving the cup in the rear diff and the pasenger side axle in place being that it was not broken. I drove the car home and put a good axle back inplace and took it out for a drive and to find the rear diff was whinning so like a smart guy I jumped on I-70 and after about 5-6 miles I started to smell buring differential fluid. So I pulled over and trailered the car back home. After removing the rear diff from the car and opening it up all the fuid was black (shock proof) but I could not visually identify any thing broken so I pulled the diff from the housing and still can not see any issues. So here are my Questions.

    -Is driving with one axle in the diff and the other out have caused this issue?
    -I would assume I burned up the viscious coupling in the diff. Can If be rebuilt?
    -Has any one else ever had this issue?

    So after all this I will be trailering my car to the track from now on.
    Thanks for the help I know its a long read.
    powered by 16g all the way to a 12.3 On stock motor top to botom
    Now T67 best run 11.75 still stock top to bottom engine.

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    You burned up the rear v/c.

    They aren't "rebuildable" but assuming you can lay your hands on the proper fluid, they can be drained and filled back up with a little bit of effort.

    - 758/636 uncorrected @ English Racing, Nov 2011

  3. 04-28-2011 03:43 PM

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