I am wanting to buy a 94 expo, that currently has a 4G93 1.8 liter engine. My plan is to install a 4G63T 6 bolt. The expo also currently has an automatic transmission FWD. I have seen videos online and blogs about people doing this swap, but no real info on the extent of what is involved in the process.
I was also wanting to convert this mini-wagon into AWD as well. I know the earlier model of this had an option for AWD from the factory, however the 1994 year was not available with AWD. I have been out of the DSM scene for several years now. I am really SHOCKED at how this dsm scene has died.
What I'm asking, is if there are any diehard dsmr's still around, getting some info on this project.
My goal is to make this mini wagon a 4G63 turbo AWD, with only mild mods like a 16G Turbo. I have a daughter now, since being in the DSM world, and want a grocery getter/family mobile with a little power to have fun with.

Any help and information about this will be more appreciated than you all will ever know.
Thanks in advance.
My current doner car is a 92 Laser AWD. but I can buy any and all parts needed if the AWD system won't work from this car.

Sincerely, Wade