Hello everyone... a blast from the past I suppose... ;-)

Its been a while since I have surfed the forums.. but I'm a little bummed, yesterday I went to pull the 98 Talon out of the garage, for a little drive, and the clutch pedal went to the floor and stuck. (Crap..) since I haven't driven it in a while, I figured its probably the clutch master cylinder has gone bad.. I crawled under the dash to look and see if there was any leakage indication, and it was very slight, but not like I would expect, nothing like a big wet stain on the carpet or anything.. so I went on line to order a new master cylinder...

Just looking for any tips for the swap, things to do or don't do. I did some searching on the forums and on YouTube, but it seems that since our DSMs are now more or less dinosaurs, there isn't much out there on them anymore. I really miss the days where DSMs were relevant, and there was a lot of Buzz about them. My car is still in really great shape, only has 70K original miles on it, but as it sits I am starting to find little issues like this creep up. Hopefully it will a relatively easy swap as I have not done it before. (This is the original part on the car..)

Any tips or techniques for the swap would be appreciated..


98 Talon TSI