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Thread: good enough?

  1. v413nc3 Guest

    good enough?

    Ok, so here is a list of my mods that are going on in the next few weeks...

    4G64 7-bolt Crankshaft air-foiled and lightened
    Stage 3 headwork from BJ’s with 1mm over sized Titanium valves
    Crower titanium rods
    Ross 8.5:1 CR pistons 85.5mm (0.020” over), ceramic coated and cryogenically treated
    Rotating assembly balanced to 12,000RPM
    Custom Bearings
    ARP rod bolts
    ARP main studs
    ARP Head studs
    Maincap alignment studs
    4G63 block, decked, line honed, hot tanked
    New front case without balance shafts with new oil pump
    Evolution III external oil cooler mount
    DN Performance Stainless Steel header
    Fluidyne radiator
    HKS Cam shafts 272/272
    Fidenza Cam gears
    Extreme Motorsports dual springs for 10,000+RPM
    Extreme Motorsports titanium retainers
    Extreme Motorsports billet aluminum harmonic dampener
    Mitsubishi 4 layer head gasket
    Crane Cams Hi6 DI² ignition
    Prothane engine mounts
    External oil cooler and PS cooler from Moroso
    Moroso pressurized oil resivoir
    Nitrous Works N2O single nozzle wet system
    CO2 Intercooler sprayer

    3” Buschur Racing Down Pipe
    3” Buschur Racing Test pipe
    3” Buschur Racing Exhaust with Dynomax muffler
    Custom 3" O2 welded to DP
    TiAL 40mm waste gate and 18” dump tube

    Ball bearring turbo (not tellin)
    K&N 4” air filter
    Custom 4” intake pipe
    TiAL 50mm Blow off Valve
    Indy Race Cores 2G race intercooler

    Propane Injection
    16-gallon fuel cell from Summit Racing
    Aeromotive 11101 “1000hp” fuel pump
    Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
    Aeromotive Fuel filter
    AEM fuel rail with –6AN adapter
    PrecisionTE 1000cc injectors

    Moris inverted coilover system
    RMDSM front and rear sway bars
    Road Race Engineering Strut bars
    Energy Suspension bushings

    Drive train:
    Fidenza Aluminum Flywheel
    AWD transmission rebuilt by Team Rip with:
    TRE Spec 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears
    TRE Spec 5th gear 25% OD ratio
    TRE 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th double syncros
    TRE Spec input shaft
    TRE Spec Evolution III shift forks with bronze wear pads
    TRE Spec speed design 4 spider center differential
    TRE Spec heavy-duty shift rails for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
    Neodymium trash magnet
    TRE magnetic drain plug
    Quaiffe front LSD
    ACT 2900 Clutch
    6 puck race disc
    Baer 13.5” Pro brakes
    Stainless steel brake lines and clutch line
    B&M short shifter

    Maxxim Conflict 18x7.5 19.5lb rims
    Kumo Ecsta Supra 235 40ZR18 tires
    IM Racing Carbon fiber hood
    GP Spoiler
    VIS body kit
    Z3 fiberglass fenders

    Triple A-pillar Gauge Assembly
    Custom "Smithy" gauge assembly in cupholder
    2 12" MTX Subs in custom Plexiglass enclosure
    Pioneer Premiere Detachable face CD Player
    Clifford Matrix RS2 Remote start and alarm
    Shogun Formula racing seats
    Momo wheel
    Indiglow dash
    Indiglow pedals
    Indiglow shift knob
    Blue HVAC controls
    Hyper Red gauge needles

    Blitz FATT DC Turbo Timer
    Hallman Manual Boost Controller
    Autometer Lunar series 4103 30-0-30 Boost gauge
    Autometer Lunar series 4114 fuel gauge
    Autometer Lunar series 4144 EGT
    Autometer Lunar series 4163 Fuel pressure gauge
    Autometer Lunar series 4127 Oil pressure gauge
    Autometer Lunar series 4128 N2O pressure gauge
    Autometer Lunar series 4299 5” Tachometer

    Any ricer comments can go right (_*_) here... everything else is done, I am ALLOWED to make it pretty

  2. Notstreetlegal Guest

    I bet I can guess your turbo. Does agp say anything to you. Ur secret safe with me as I want to go agp also when I get a chance. Just looking at your list lets me know you got that killer turbo. Can't wait to see you lay da smack down at the track. Or i could be a total idiot and be way off. Aren't there bb turbos bolt on for dsm's? I have no clue what I want yet. But I'm lookin at the l2r, full t3/t4 kit, or the l2. Whatever my budget looks like come summer time.


  3. Is this car gonna run this year or is this gonna be a long project? I saw on the other thread that you're gonna be waiting on a few things for over two months.
    '99 Toyota 4Runner Highlander 4wd

    '93 Eclipse GSX 13.25@103 *sold to a friend*

  4. v413nc3 Guest

    those are the only things I'm waiting for to come in. Everything else I have waiting to go in. So basically everything BUT the suspension should be done by the time the suspension comes in... And I didn't say my turbo was a direct bolt on It's a GT35R Compressor wheel (60-1) and a ball bearing center housing... very sexy

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    Yep Jake...looks like we have our work cut out for us.
    -Dallas J

  6. Notstreetlegal Guest

    No i was asking you if the bb turbo's were bolt on's for dsm's. It says they are on the site but I may be wrong. So anyway good luck.


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    Originally posted by Notstreetlegal
    No i was asking you if the bb turbo's were bolt on's for dsm's. It says they are on the site but I may be wrong. So anyway good luck.

    Its not an AGP turbo.

    -Dallas J

  8. v413nc3 Guest

    The AGP's are bolt on, or can come with garret turbine housings. AGP is really good about customization... but I did not go with the L3R... I have a setup a lot like it though...

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